3 Common Mistakes to Avoid after a Car Wreck

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If you’re planning to file for damages after an accident, you’ll need to consider your next actions carefully. The insurer may put your life under a microscope in their search for any evidence that could be used to challenge your credibility, and—ultimately—reduce your payout.

With this in mind, let’s look at a few common errors you should be wary of during proceedings:

1. You Posted about the Collision on Social Media

After a serious wreck, it’s only natural for your emotions to be running high. The surge of adrenaline that often accompanies a traumatic event can make it difficult to stay calm and focused. In the heat of the moment, you might be tempted to go onto social media to share your ordeal with friends and followers. However, before hitting “publish”, you should take a second to think about the possible consequences you might face for broadcasting your story.

Ultimately, if you’re planning to file a personal injury claim, any of your actions—including those on social media—could be investigated by the insurance company. They may, for instance, take your comments out of context to make it seem like you’re admitting fault for causing the wreck. Alternatively, they could use images of you at social gatherings as evidence that your injuries are not as serious as you are saying. In most cases, it’s best to disable your social media profiles for the duration of proceedings.

2. You Deviated from Your Treatment Plan

If you haven’t yet visited the doctor, you should do so immediately. Not only will this make sure you get the treatment you need, but it will also help you avoid disputes over failure to mitigate damages. Additionally, once you’ve received a diagnosis and treatment plan, you should make sure to follow your doctor’s orders closely. If the insurance company discovers that you deviated from their instructions, you could face disputes.

3. You Failed to Track Your Losses

In a personal injury claim, you will only receive compensation for the losses that you are able to demonstrate. For instance, you can use paystubs to prove lost wages, medical bills to show your treatment costs, or estimates for any home and vehicle modifications. As such, if you’ve misplaced important documentation, the insurer is unlikely to reimburse you for the associated losses. You should compile any important financial documents in a safe place so that they’re ready to share with your attorney during your first meeting.

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