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Auto Accident Portal

The Seva Law Firm Auto Accident portal is a centralized collection of information, analysis, and tips on Michigan car and trucking accidents.  The portal is aimed at simplifying and untangling one of the most complicated set of laws in the state: The Michigan No-Fault Act.  You will find articles from experts, useful infographics, and easy-to-follow videos along the way that will help breakdown and simply the law and guidance for Michigan automobile accidents.

Our portal is not a substitute for actual legal advice.  It is merely here to provide quick, easy, and digestible answers.  If you are seeking actual quality legal advice, we urge you to call us at  248-385-5704 or contact us here.  Consultations are free.

Welcome to Michigan Car Accidents

Auto Accident Portal Topics

For Auto Injury Victims

1) Why should you trust our information?

2) Michigan No-Fault Act Overview

3) Bodily Injury Claims

4) Case Value

       A) How much is my case worth?

       B) My case settled for $100,000 why am I only getting $15,000?

       C) I saw a TV commercial where someone got a million dollars after a car accident.  Will I be able to get that?

5) Litigation Timeline 

       A) How does this whole process work? (Video)

       B) How long does a lawsuit take?

6) Replacement Services

7) Wage Loss

8) Attendant Care

9) Releasing Future Benefits

10) Detroit Car Accidents


For Medical Providers

1) How to ensure medical bills get paid

2) Utilization Review

Legal Analysis

1) Fraud – Haydaw v Farm Bureau Insurance Company

2) Fraud – Williams v Farm Bureau Insurance Company


Litigation Explained

1) Case Evaluation