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Medical Providers

The Seva Law Firm prides itself in advising medical facilities on strategic growth and navigating legal hurdles.  We currently represent numerous medical providers in insurance disputes, reimbursement actions, and collections.  We also provide legal and business counseling for medical facilities.Dealing with insurance adjusters can be frustrating, time consuming, and emotionally draining so our firm will take this burden off you and we handle your insurance disputes to get you the payments you deserve and that the insurance company owes you.


Auto Accident Litigation

Representing injured victims against insurance companies is our bread and butter.  Each year we represent hundreds of clients in lawsuits against negligent drivers and recalcitrant insurance companies.  The Seva Law Firm has gained a reputation for intelligent and aggressive litigation in auto accident suits.  Not surprisingly, we settle multiple cases every week for our clients and bring in millions for our clients every year.

Personal Injury

Whether you were injured at your job, at a store, at your home, at a park, or anywhere else, if the injury was a result of negligence, we have the expertise to obtain fair compensation.  Our attorneys are experienced in navigating the complex premise, dog bite, and tort laws of Michigan and will get you the results you deserve.

Contract Disputes

Don’t see eye-to-eye with someone you contracted with? Give us a call, we handle contract issues on regular basis and know the law inside-out.

Side view of writing on clipboard while insurance agent examining car after accident

Insurance Disputes

Home owners insurance not willing to pay for a new roof?  Life insurance company telling you that you are not eligible to file a claim for your father’s death?  Professional liability carrier not willing to pay when your accountant messed up?  We can handle all of these.

Fighting insurance companies is what we do best.