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How a Detroit Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

There are all sorts of factors that can influence how a motorcycle injury claim plays out. Who was involved, the types of evidence available, the severity of injuries, the insurance policies—with so much to consider, the process of filing a claim can be daunting. Even if you have grounds for a claim, one mistake could derail your entire case and lead to a dispute that reduces your compensation or prevents you from obtaining anything at all.

A Detroit motorcycle accident attorney from The Seva Law Firm can handle all aspects of your case, from gathering evidence to negotiating with the insurer to taking your case to trial if needed. Below we have outlined some specific ways a lawyer can help:

Approximate Your Damages

A Detroit motorcycle accident attorney can make sure your claim accounts for all damages you may be owed. This is one of the primary advantages of enlisting the help of an attorney. It’s not uncommon for claimants who represent themselves to severely undervalue their claim, especially if they suffered major injuries.

Explain Your Legal Rights

Our lawyers can make sure you know your rights and how to protect them. You should not trust the insurance company or opposing party to have your best interests in mind, but your car accident attorney can help you make informed decisions given your specific circumstances.

Gather Evidence to Support Your Claim

Whether or not you recover compensation, and the amount of compensation you recover, is going to hinge on the strength of your evidence. Proving liability, causation, and damages can be a complicated matter. Expert witness testimony may play a crucial role in your case. Even if the claim seems straightforward, you need to prepare for the worst. Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Detroit approach every claim as if it is going to trial. This strategy gives our clients the best chance of winning fair compensation without any unnecessary delays or complications.

Negotiating with the Insurer

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to take when negotiating with an insurance company. The severity of your injuries, the types of coverage available, the policy limits, the number of liable parties, and many other factors could affect negotiations. You may be eager to recover a settlement, but it could be strategically advisable not to accept a settlement until you’ve reached maximum medical improvement. Regardless of your specific circumstances, it’s important to have a lawyer by your side who can tailor their negotiation tactics based on the unique facts of your case.

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