3 Ways an Attorney Can Help with Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

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Every year, hundreds of bikers are killed and injured on Michigan’s roads. If you were unlucky enough to be among them, you may have found yourself in a precarious position. Not only do victims often suffer debilitating injuries that can affect their ability to work and tackle everyday tasks, but many also incur thousands of dollars in medical bills and other losses.

Thankfully, you may be able to recover compensation for your damages by filing a personal injury claim. While hiring an attorney to assist with this process isn’t mandatory, it’s often unwise to tackle proceedings alone. Even a seemingly straightforward case can unravel under the scrutiny of a shrewd claims adjuster.

Here are a few ways an attorney may be able to assist with your motorcycle wreck case:

1. Gather Evidence to Strengthen Your Claim

In a personal injury claim, your ability to recover compensation—and how much—will almost always depend on the strength of your evidence. Without it, you could face disputes from the insurer as they pounce on any inconsistencies in a bid to reduce how much they have to pay out.

Unfortunately, building a convincing claim is rarely a straightforward process. Not only may you need to gather many different types of evidence to demonstrate liability, causation, and damages, but much of this proof could also be time-sensitive, leaving you with a small window of time to collect these items before they are destroyed, altered, or become unavailable for any other reason.

Once they’ve had a chance to assess your situation, a skilled personal injury lawyer will know what types of evidence you may need to achieve a successful outcome. They can help investigate the accident, gathering the necessary proof to support your claim. Additionally, if certain parties are withholding evidence—i.e., a business owner refuses to hand over surveillance camera footage—your attorney can apply the necessary legal pressure to help you obtain such proof.

2. Estimate Fair Compensation for Your Losses

Before agreeing to a settlement offer, you will need to know whether it covers the full extent of your losses. A motorcycle accident attorney can assess the available evidence, work with your healthcare providers, and consult with expert witnesses if necessary to help approximate a reasonable settlement number. Taking this step will ensure that you don’t mistakenly undervalue your claim.

3. Negotiate with the Insurance Company

As your costs continue to add up, you may be in a hurry to get your hands on a financial award. However, the insurer will always prioritize their bottom line, so you should expect them to kickstart negotiations with a low-ball offer. As such, it’s important to negotiate your claim to make sure you receive a settlement that accounts for your full range of losses. Not only can an attorney represent you throughout negotiations, but he or she can also advocate for you in court if it’s in your best interests to take legal action.

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