4 Qualities to Consider before Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

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If you were seriously hurt in a car wreck and want to file a claim against the liable party, it’s important to hire the right person to assist with your case. Ultimately, your financial security is likely hinging on the outcome of your claim, so you will want to ensure your attorney has the knowledge, resources, and experience to help you achieve a favorable outcome.

However, you may be wondering what to look for in legal counsel; after all, this is probably the first time you’ve required the services of a car accident lawyer. While attorneys do usually share the same qualifications, there can be a drastic difference in the type of representation two lawyers can provide. Some lawyers simply don’t have means or the time to give your case personalized attention.

Fortunately, there are a few qualities you can look for to make sure you’re hiring someone with the suitable skillset to help you navigate proceedings. Let’s take a look at some of these qualities in more detail:

1. Relevant Experience

Building a strong car accident case requires certain resources, skills, and specific knowledge of this area of personal injury law. As such, while it’s not mandatory that you hire an attorney who focuses solely on auto accident claims, it’s likely in your best interests to find someone who has at least handled—and won—similar cases to yours.

2. Communicative

Whether it’s answering your questions, providing you with updates on your case, and taking time to explain your role at each stage of proceedings, your attorney should always make you feel like your claim is getting the attention it deserves. During the initial consultation, you should find out how often you can expect to hear from your legal team, and ask how long it might take—on average—for your attorney to respond to your calls or texts.

3. Compassionate

As you will likely be discussing the intimate details of your life with your attorney, it’s important to find someone who you are comfortable enough to be open with. Fortunately, you should be able to gauge whether a lawyer is warm, compassionate, and empathetic within a few minutes into the initial consultation.

4. Positive Reviews

If an attorney practices with integrity, and has achieved success both in and out of court, their testimonials and reviews will reflect this. Additionally, if a particular lawyer is respected by their peers, has won awards, or is part of a reputable organization, these are further signs that he or she has made a name for themselves within the world of personal injury law.

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