4 Social Media Tips for Truck Accident Victims

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After a serious truck wreck, you might be tempted to turn to social media for emotional support, advice, or just to vent your frustrations. However, before you go online, it’s important to think about the consequences your online activity could have for your claim.

Insurers are known to monitor claimants’ social media pages to find evidence that could be used as the basis for disputes. As such, it’s likely that your posts will be put under the microscope as the claims adjuster looks for any reason to reduce or deny your settlement.

In most cases, it’s best to stay off the radar, either by disabling your online profiles or abstaining from posting on these platforms. However, if this temporary hiatus isn’t feasible for you, here are a few tips for using social media after a truck wreck:

1. Update Your Privacy Settings

If your social media accounts are visible to everyone and not just your approved connections, it’s time to reconfigure your privacy options. Most social media sites give you the choice to limit who can—and can’t—view and interact with your posts.

While there are still ways to circumvent this added layer of protection, tweaking these options will at least make it harder for the insurer and other opposing parties to dig through your post history. Additionally, you should also activate the “review tags” setting for any sites that offer this option as this will let you approve or deny new tags.

2. Deny Connection Requests from Strangers

Once you’ve ramped up your privacy settings, you will now have to approve all new friends or followers manually. As such, if you don’t recognize the name attached to a request, it’s best to ignore or deny this invitation to connect. It’s possible that someone at the insurance company might send you an invite in the hopes of viewing your activity, so approving these requests could give the free rein to comb through your posts.

3. Skip the “Check Ins”

If you’re in the habit of dropping pins or “checking in” whenever you arrive at a new location, it’s time to change your thinking. While your claim is pending, your “check ins” could be used as evidence to dispute your claim. For instance, if your activity shows you visiting the bar or attending a party just a few days after the wreck, the insurer could assert that your injuries can’t be very serious.

4. Think Carefully about What You Post

Before hitting “post”, take a second to think about how your post will be interpreted. For instance, if you’re uploading a picture of yourself engaging in physical activity, consider whether the claims adjuster could use this image to assert that you’re exaggerating your injuries or going against your doctor’s orders. As a general rule, you should never post about the accident, your injuries, recovery, pending claim, social activities, or expenses.

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