4 Strategies to Strengthen Your Car Accident Claim

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In an instant, an accident can flip your life upside down. Instead of returning to your normal routines—the errands, school runs, and 9-to-5 at the office—you might just be taking your first steps on a long, painful road to recovery. To make matters worse, your costs are probably adding up at an alarming rate. From medical bills to replacement services to lost earnings, there’s no shortage of money woes in the wake of a serious wreck.

Thankfully, you may be able to recover compensation for many of the losses you’ve incurred, giving you the funds to pick up the pieces and get your life back on track. However, even if it’s clear that another motorist was responsible for causing the wreck, a settlement is never a foregone conclusion.

You will not only need to build a strong case, but will also have to take steps to avoid disputes during proceedings. Let’s look at a few strategies you can employ while your case is pending to help bolster your car wreck claim:

1. Lay Low on Social Media

While the digital space can provide sanctuary in the aftermath of an accident, the support you receive might not be worth the damage you could be doing to your claim. The claims adjuster might start monitoring your social media profiles for evidence that could be used to challenge your credibility. Such proof might not just be limited to your comments, but could also include any pictures you post, reviews, and even “check ins”. In most cases, it’s best to deactivate your accounts for the duration of proceedings.

2. Start a Personal Injury Journal

During your recovery, it can start to feel like one day blurs into the next, with aches, pains, and limitations stalking you at every hour. However, it may be important to keep detailed logs of your life after the accident, especially if you plan to seek compensation—as part of a third-party claim—for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. Thankfully, a personal injury journal provides you with an easy way to keep track of your pain levels, medication side-effects, limitations, and other aspects of your post-accident life.

3. Take Your Recovery Seriously

If you’re planning to file a personal injury claim, you need to understand your responsibilities as a claimant. An important duty of this role is to make sure you take sufficient steps to mitigate damages. In other words, you should avoid taking any actions that might endanger your health or cause your condition to deteriorate. As such, it’s important to stick to your treatment plan, even if you believe your healthcare providers are being overly cautious. Any signs that you deviated from your doctor’s script could diminish your credibility and lead to disputes.

4. Track Your Damages Carefully

From invoices for your healthcare to estimates for repairs, any financial documents related to the accident will likely be important to your case. Ultimately, you can only receive compensation for damages you can reliably prove, so such documents may be crucial to the success of your claim.

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