A Safe Space for Your Kids to Play at Howarth Park in Oakland County, Michigan

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In Oakland County, Michigan, nestles an unassuming park that, instead of grand designs and acres of land, allows its joyous atmosphere to speak for its worth. It is meticulously maintained, and the environment of green flora is always flourishing, a testament to the love and attention this space receives from the local community.

Built as a memorial to John Howarth, it’s clear that the park has a special, sentimental significance in the neighbourhood, making it a great place for celebrations, group activities, and other events. The park was also dedicated to the Birmingham Rotary Club to thank members for outfitting the park with an additional bench and water fountain. Many trees were also planted by the group, and now the park is shaded by a series of large, lush oaks.

Howarth Park also features a range of facilities that make it a great spot to spend time with friends or family in. For instance, the space’s baseball diamond is protected by a tall fence, making it a safe place for your kids to expend energy while you laze on the lawns. The park’s play area is equipped with swings, slides, and climbing gyms that will distract your little ones for hours.

Why It’s Important for Children to Play Outdoors

Having a protected space to play in nature is incredibly beneficial for children. Besides letting off some steam and having a chance to shout and experience the outdoors, the health benefits of spending more time outside can be crucial to a child’s development—both mentally and physically.

Exercise in the fresh air can help your children with:

  • Building Fitness, Stamina, and Agility: Chasing each other around and games that require running fast or changing direction quickly keep kids distracted from all the work their bodies are putting in to allow them to just have fun, quietly strengthening their muscles and improving their balance.
  • Improving Bone Density and Stability: Life can get rough on the playground sometimes, but that’s not always a bad thing. Children tend to be more flexible and bounce back from a fall as if their bones are made of rubber. The impact that jumping, hanging, and tumbling across the grass has on the strength of bones, joints and tendons can help to make them sturdier and less fragile.
  • Reducing the Risk of Myopia: Spending time in the sunlight can protect young people’s eyes from over-adjusting to indoor lighting and close reading, resulting in a reduced risk of developing near-sightedness.

Where Can I Find It?

1600 Cummings Ave, Birmingham, Oakland County, Michigan.