Building a Truck Accident Claim? Don’t Fall for These Common Misconceptions

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Weighing considerably more than the average sedan and often carrying tons of cargo, trucks can cause serious damage in a collision. Every year, thousands of people are killed and many more injured in accidents involving these massive vehicles.

Much like other types of traffic accidents, these wrecks have spawned more than their fair share of myths. As such, it can be difficult to find the accurate answers you need to make informed decisions about your personal injury case. In this article, we put a few of the most common misconceptions under the microscope to help give you clarity in the aftermath of this traumatic event.

Myth #1: You Don’t Need to Visit the Doctor If Your Injuries Aren’t Serious

If you were able to stand up after the wreck, you might think there’s no reason to schedule a doctor’s appointment. However, skipping this crucial step could not only leave you at risk of developing life-threatening health complications, but could also inhibit your ability to recover compensation for the accident. As such, you should undergo a comprehensive medical assessment as soon as possible after the collision.

Myth #2: You Can’t Afford to Hire an Attorney to Assist with Your Claim

We’ve all heard stories of lawyers’ sky-high hourly rates, but these prices aren’t commonplace in the world of personal injury law. Most lawyers in this field work on a contingency-fee basis, which means you will only be charged attorney’s fees if they are able to achieve a successful outcome in your case. If you do receive a settlement or verdict, the attorney will usually take out a pre-agreed upon percentage from this sum to cover their legal fees and expenses.

Myth #3: You Can’t Sue the Truck Driver for Additional Damages

Michigan employs a no-fault insurance system, so, in most cases, you will receive compensation for your injuries from your own coverage. However, there are many situations wherein you may be able to file a claim against the at-fault motorist to recover compensation for your excess medical bills and intangible losses such as pain and suffering if your own policy limits fall short of covering your accident-related expenses.

To do so, your injuries will need to meet the state’s threshold of a condition that has resulted in “serious impairment of body function”. An attorney can assess your situation to help determine whether your injuries meet these criteria.

Myth #4: You Won’t Face Resistance from the Insurance Company

Whether you’re claiming against the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) component of your own coverage or filing a third-party claim, you might think it’ll be a straightforward process—especially if seems like the at-fault motorist is entirely responsible for causing the wreck. However, insurers will look for any reason to minimize their liability to reduce how much they have to pay out. As such, even a seemingly open-and-shut case could begin to unravel when disputes arise.

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