Dog Bite Injuries in Detroit: What Every Victim Should Know

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When a dog turns violent, the consequences can be devastating. It’s not uncommon for victims to be taken completely by surprise, left defenseless as the animal’s sharp teeth tear through tissue, muscle, veins, and arteries.

These savage attacks can result in exorbitant medical bills, considerable pain, and life-altering limitations. If you have found yourself in this difficult position, it’s only natural to feel completely overwhelmed. Ultimately, you’re likely wondering what you should do next.

As dog owners in Michigan are held strictly liable for any harm their pets cause, you will likely have a strong case for recovering compensation for the damages you’ve suffered. Simply put, even if the dog doesn’t have a history of violent behavior, the owner will still be on the hook for your losses.

However, there are still a few ways the owner might be able to dispute your claim. For instance, he or she could argue that you provoked the animal or that you were trespassing on private property when you were bitten. As such, it’s crucial that you take certain steps to ensure that you have a strong case.

In this article, we share a few important things you should know before proceeding with your claim:

You Should Always Visit the Doctor

While you might not think your injuries are serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room, you should still schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. Dogs’ mouths are filled with harmful bacteria that can cause even surface-level wounds to fester and become infected.

However, seeking immediate care isn’t just crucial for your health and well-being. A prompt diagnosis can help connect your wounds to the incident in question, minimizing your chances of facing disputes over causation.

Additionally, a punctual visit can also put an end to other possible challenges. For instance, if you failed to seek treatment within a reasonable timeframe after the attack, opposing parties might argue that you failed in your duty to take sufficient measures to mitigate damages.

You Should Contact Authorities

When you call the authorities, officers will usually arrive to investigate what happened. They will typically compile their findings as part of an official incident report which could help your attorney build your case. Additionally, it may be worthwhile reporting the attack to a local animal control agency as this will give you another official record of the incident.

You Should Gather and Compile Evidence

Dog owners might be held strictly liable for any harm their pets cause, but this doesn’t mean they won’t try to challenge your version of events. Ultimately, if they can demonstrate that you were trespassing at the time of the attack—or deliberately incited the animal to attack you— they may be able to avoid having to compensate you for your losses.

As such, any evidence you can gather at the scene could be crucial to the success of your claim. For instance, surveillance camera footage can show that you were in a public place when the attack occurred, eyewitnesses can confirm that you didn’t provoke the animal, and police reports could help corroborate your side of the story.

Besides evidence from the scene, you will also need to obtain proof of the types of damages you incurred. Examples can include medical records, pay stubs showing lost wages, and invoices for replacement services.

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