Client Review by Faythe Peoples

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Our client, Faith Peoples, was kind enough to record her story and experience with the Seva Law Firm.

In June of 2014, Faythe was rear-ended by a motorist who was driving while texting. At the time of the accident, Faythe had pre-existing back injuries and had hardware in her back from a prior surgery. The accident caused an aggravation and exacerbation of her prior lumbar and a cervical conditions. Further, Faythe also sustained head injuries as a result of the accident.

Despite maintaining an insurance policy with Esurance and having objective evidence of her injuries (MRIs, doctors reports, etc.), Esurance refused to pay for her medical bills or her wage loss. Faythe ultimately had to hire an attorney to fight the insurance company. She chose the Seva Law Firm. Faythe shares her experience with the Seva Law Firm in this video.