Filing a Car Accident Claim in Detroit? Don’t Fall for These Common Misconceptions

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If you were hurt in a wreck and you’re planning to take action against the at-fault party, it’s important to understand exactly what awaits in the weeks ahead. However, a quick internet search can often turn up the exact opposite of reliable advice with myths and misconceptions cropping throughout the world wide web.

In this article, we put some of the most common misconceptions under the microscope in a bid to separate fact from fiction so that you’re adequately prepared for proceedings:

1. “I Don’t Need to Visit the Doctor If I Feel Fine.”

While you might have been able to walk away from the wreck, this doesn’t mean you should forego a doctor’s appointment. You may have suffered an impact injury that isn’t presenting with any symptoms yet, so skipping a medical assessment could put you in danger of suffering further health complications.

Seeking a prompt diagnosis isn’t just about looking after your well-being. Taking this crucial step can also help establish a link between the wreck and your condition. Additionally, visiting the doctor as soon as possible could help you avoid other disputes, such as those over failure to mitigate damages.

2. “I Can Handle My Case on My Own.”

Under some circumstances, it might be possible to oversee your case by yourself. For instance, if you only incurred minor losses and plan to file a first-party claim, you’ll usually be in the clear to grab the reins. However, if you sustained substantial damages, it might be wise to seek legal representation.

A personal injury attorney can help you navigate proceedings, investigate the accident, and provide representation at each step. As they are usually intimately familiar with the types of strategies insurers use to devalue or deny claims, you can rest assured that they will be well-prepared for the twists and turns of the claims process.

3. “If I Was Partially to Blame, I Can’t File a Claim.”

Even if you were partially responsible for causing the crash, you may still be able to file a third-party claim. Michigan employs a comparative negligence rule for personal injury cases, which means that you can still proceed with your case but your financial award will usually be reduced based on your percentage share of liability.

4. “I Have Plenty of Time Left to File My Claim.”

Unfortunately, there’s a strict time limit for taking legal action after a car wreck in Michigan. In most cases, you will have just three years from the day of the collision to file a lawsuit. While this might seem like a generous window of opportunity, it can take months to build a compelling case, so it’s important to act quickly.

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