Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim? Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes

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After a serious motorcycle accident, it’s only natural to feel incredibly emotional. In this state, it’s all too easy to make crucial errors that might cost you a fair settlement, so it’s important to take a deep breath and consider your next steps carefully. Keep in mind that any mistakes you make won’t be ignored by the insurer as they are likely looking for any reason to reduce how much they have to pay out.

Read on for examples of some of the actions you should take after an accident:

1. You Ignored Your Doctor’s Orders

While you might think your lawyer is being overly cautious—especially if he or she has told you to book time off from work to let your injuries heal—you should never deviate from their orders. If the insurer discovers that you went off script, they might assert that you failed in your responsibility to mitigate additional losses, potentially leaving you on the hook for a portion of your damages.

2. You Posted about the Wreck on Social Media

Social media websites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have become digital meeting spots for many of the state’s bikers. It’s where they go to share pictures of their new rides, stories of their favorite journeys, or vent about Michigan’s many reckless motorists.

As such, the digital space might be one of your first pitstops after the wreck. However, while these communities can provide emotional support and guidance in the aftermath of this traumatic event, your posts could hurt your ability to recover compensation for your losses.

The insurer may be monitoring your online activity for any evidence that could be used to dispute aspects of your motorcycle accident claim. Comments, reviews, and even pictures could be turned into a smoking gun in the hands of an opposing party, so it’s important to think carefully about what you post. In most cases, it’s advisable to disable your social media profiles until your claim has been resolved so that you aren’t tempted to take your conversations online.

3. You Failed to Track Your Losses

In a motorcycle accident claim, you can only recover compensation for damages you are able to prove. To do so, you will need to have access to any associated invoices, bills, estimates, and receipts. Misplacing any of these documents could leave you unable to pursue a payout for some of your damages, starving you of the funds you might need to get your life back on track. You should collect and compile any relevant documents in a safe place ready to share with your lawyer during your first meeting.

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