How Much Is My Spinal Cord Injury Claim Worth?

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How Much Is My Spinal Cord Injury Claim Worth?A serious injury can threaten the financial security of even a fairly well-off individual. But few injuries are as costly as spinal cord damage.

As part of the central nervous system, the spinal cord plays a critical role in every bodily function. For this reason, spinal cord injuries (SCIs) tend to be devastating. Depending on their severity and location, they may even cause permanent paralysis.

If you sustained an SCI because another party failed to act with reasonable care, filing a personal injury claim won’t restore your health. It could, however, yield the funds needed to manage your condition so you can live the fullest life possible.

In the state of Michigan, personal injury claimants may seek compensation for:

  • Emergency medical expenses;
  • Other medical costs;
  • Home care;
  • Lost wages and benefits;
  • Loss of earning capacity;
  • Property repairs;
  • Alternative transportation;
  • Home and vehicle modifications;
  • Mobility equipment;
  • Domestic help;
  • Child care;
  • Mental anguish;
  • Loss of enjoyment in life;
  • Scarring and disfigurement; and
  • Pain and suffering.

Naturally, there’s no standard formula for determining the total value of any given spinal cord injury claim because every case is unique. After considering a variety of factors, your legal team can help you approximate a fair figure for all associated damages.

Factors that could influence the potential value of your spinal cord injury claim include:

  • The cost of stabilizing your condition;
  • The cost of ongoing rehabilitation;
  • The extent of any resulting disabilities;
  • The kind of daily care you’re going to require;
  • The kind of household help you’re going to require;
  • How the injury has limited your earning capacity;
  • How the injury has inhibited your lifestyle; and
  • How the injury had affected your loved ones.

How Can I Pursue the Maximum Payout Possible for My Spinal Cord Injury?

It’s not uncommon for claims that include catastrophic injuries like SCIs to warrant seven-figure payouts. The potential value of your case will depend on a variety of factors including the available insurance coverage, the value of your damages, and whether your own negligence played a role in the accident.

To give your claim the best chance of success, you should:

  • Avoid providing a statement to the opposing party since it could be taken out of context and used to dispute your claim;
  • Track all your economic damages diligently;
  • Start a personal injury journal in which you write detailed entries about how the SCI is affecting your everyday life;
  • Avoid posting about the accident, your injuries, or your pending claim on social media; and
  • Consult an attorney as soon as possible so you don’t miss any critical filing deadlines.

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