How Should I Prepare for My First Meeting with a Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

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In the wake of a pedestrian accident, it’s only natural to feel completely out of your depth. Left to grapple with serious injuries, unbearable trauma, and a host of financial challenges, many injury victims struggle to find direction in the challenging days following a wreck.

Thankfully, sitting down with a personal injury attorney can help give you much-needed clarity. Not only can a lawyer answer your questions, but he or she can also assess your situation to help you decide on how to proceed with your personal injury claim.

In this article, we look at a few items you might want to prepare in the days before your first meeting with a pedestrian accident attorney:

1. Write Down Your Account of the Accident

While you might think that you’ll never forget the details of this harrowing encounter, even traumatic memories have a habit of fading over time. As such, you might struggle to recollect exactly what happened leading you to overlook specific information that could help you secure compensation.

To make sure your memories are preserved, you should sit down to write a detailed account of the collision as soon as possible. Aim to stick to the facts as any speculation will only make it more difficult to keep track of exactly what happened on that fateful day. Your attorney will probably want to see your written account during the first meeting.

2. Obtain a Copy of the Official Accident Report

Whether police officers investigated the accident or you reported the collision to authorities in the days that followed, you should be able to acquire an official record of what happened. Such reports will usually contain information about the time, date, and location of the wreck. They may also include the officers’ observations upon arriving at the scene.

3. Compile Evidence from the Scene

Were you able to take photographs of the wreckage? Did you manage to obtain surveillance camera recordings of the moment of impact? Do you have the names and contact details of anyone who saw the accident happen? Many types of evidence could help support your case—especially if you plan to file a third-party claim—so your attorney will likely want to review any proof you’ve been able to gather so that they can begin planning their investigation.

4. Take Stock of Your Damages

From medical expenses to lost income to replacement services, it’s not unusual for accident victims to incur a wide range of costs in the wake of a wreck. However, you will only receive compensation for the damages you can prove, so it’s important to file any associated receipts, bills, and invoices so that they’re ready to bring along to your first meeting with a pedestrian accident attorney.

Such proof might include:

  • Medical bills;
  • Invoices for replacement services;
  • Receipts for home and vehicle modifications;
  • Pay stubs or letters from your employer documenting lost income; and
  • Estimates for repairs.

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