How Soon Should I Visit a Doctor After Suffering a Personal Injury?

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How Soon Should I Visit a Doctor After Suffering a Personal Injury?It’s not uncommon for accidental injuries to manifest delayed symptoms. Whether you slipped and fell at the grocery store or you were involved in a motor-vehicle collision, the shock you felt in the aftermath probably masked at least some of the trauma.

To make matters worse, some impact injuries don’t exhibit any signs or symptoms for days—or even weeks. Without prompt medical intervention, life-threatening complications can develop.

As such, it’s wise to visit a doctor as soon as possible following any kind of accident scenario. Even if you feel relatively fine, you may have sustained serious injuries that won’t be noticeable for some time.

If it turns out that you were seriously hurt, seeking immediate medical care will also contribute to the strength of your subsequent personal injury claim. In order to pursue compensation for 100 percent of the losses you incur, you will have to take reasonable measures to mitigate the damages. If you fail to visit a doctor in a timely manner and complications result, the opposing party will likely dispute your claim.

Under Michigan’s modified comparative fault rule, a plaintiff’s financial recovery may be reduced by the percentage of liability attributed to him or her. Claimants who are deemed more than 50 percent liable are barred from recovering any non-economic damages whatsoever.

If you were recently involved in some kind of accident but you have yet to seek care, it may not necessarily be too late to take action. Your attorney may be able to assert that a reasonable person would not have sought immediate medical care given the nature of your injuries.

In order to give your claim the best chance of success, though, you should take these steps as soon as possible:

1. Undergo a Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

Head to a local clinic for a medical assessment. The sooner you undergo a comprehensive exam, the easier it will be to link the incident in question to the injuries you have suffered, and the less likely the opposing party will be to argue that you have failed to mitigate the damages.

2. Start a Personal Injury Journal

In addition to economic damages like hospital bills and lost wages, personal injury claimants in Michigan may seek compensation for non-economic damages like mental anguish, loss of enjoyment in life, and pain and suffering. Since you won’t be able to track any such damages using invoices or paystubs, though, you will have to prove them in some other way.

Start a daily journal and use it to document the ways in which the injuries are affecting your everyday life. Be sure to record doctor’s appointments, missed social events, and medication side effects. You should also write detailed entries about your symptoms and how the condition is impacting your relationships with loved ones.

3. Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

A seasoned lawyer will know the kinds of evidence you will need to build the strongest claim possible. The sooner you call an attorney, the sooner your legal team can conduct the investigation and obtain time-sensitive evidence.

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