How to Help Your Loved One Cope with a Brain Injury

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How to Help Your Loved One Cope with a Brain InjuryIf your loved one sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in some kind of accident, it’s natural to feel powerless. After all, you can’t go back in time to prevent the trauma, nor can you skip ahead to speed up the recovery process.

There are, however, ways you can help your relative cope. Regardless of the limitations he or she may now be facing, the following strategies may help to facilitate their medical recovery while improving their overall quality of life:

1. Establish a Routine 

The injured party may not be able to resume his or her normal schedule for some time—if ever—but he or she will certainly benefit from establishing a new sense of structure. Humans are creatures of habit who crave routine and predictability, both of which are lost in the wake of a serious accident.

To help your relative thrive, devise a daily schedule for him or her to follow. You will probably have to deviate from it for doctor’s appointments and unanticipated obligations, but having at least some structure from day to day will prevent your loved one from drowning in chaos.   

2. Leave the House 

After getting seriously hurt, most people are inclined to stay home. This is especially true if their injuries inhibit mobility or limit their ability to socialize in some way; however, holing up inside the house for an extended period of time can cause depression and loneliness. Considering that TBI patients are especially susceptible to mental health issues, staying isolated could actually prolong and potentially complicate their recovery.

Once your relative’s condition has stabilized—and only with a doctor’s approval—make an active effort to get him or her out of the house. Start slowly by heading to relatively quiet destinations like spacious parks and libraries. As he or she eases back into socializing, you can visit more bustling locales like coffee shops and movie theaters. 

3. Assume Domestic Duties 

If you take on some or all of your loved one’s daily chores—from cooking and cleaning to shopping and pet sitting—he or she will be able to spend more time focusing on recovery. Those with TBI need to assume their daily obligations slowly. Should they attempt to do too much too soon, they may become overwhelmed, and their condition could digress.

If you don’t live with the injured party, it may be wise to invite him or her to move in with you until reaching maximum medical improvement. Otherwise, try to stop by once a day, and send over help—like a maid service—when you can’t. 

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