How to Prepare for Your Case Review with a Personal Injury Attorney

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If you were recently hurt in an accident through no fault of your own and you’re planning on reaching out to a personal injury attorney, you’re on the right track. A resourceful lawyer can investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident and hopefully gather the evidence needed to prove both liability and damages.

While your legal team will handle virtually every aspect of your claim, you can facilitate their efforts by ensuring your initial consultation is as productive as possible. To do that, simply take the following steps in preparation for your first meeting:

1. Record What You Can Remember About the Accident

Write down everything you can remember about the incident in question as soon as possible. This statement will help your attorney evaluate the legitimacy of your claim and then determine a starting point for the investigation.

2. Compile the Evidence You’ve Already Gathered

Did you record the names and phone numbers of any eyewitnesses before leaving the scene? Did you photograph the conditions that led to the accident? If you managed to gather any evidence on your own or to obtain critical documents, like the official police report, bring them to your initial consultation.

3. Copy Your Medical Records

Your legal team is going to have to review your medical records closely in order to determine the potential value of your case. Make copies of everything you’ve received so far from your providers, including intake forms, hospital logs, diagnostic images, and prescriptions. You should also bring along any statements from your health insurance carrier.

4. Document Your Injury-Related Expenses

What kinds of expenses have you already incurred as a result of your injuries? For example, have you had to hire someone to assist with child care, meal preparation, or housekeeping? And what about transportation while your vehicle was being repaired? How were you getting around?

Make a list of all the costs you wouldn’t have had to cover had you not been hurt. Then, gather their corresponding documentation, like receipts and invoices.

You should also consider the indirect expenses you incurred because of the accident, like the wages you lost while out of work recovering. Compile whatever documentation you have for such losses, including paystubs and tax returns, and bring them to your legal team for review.

5. Write Down a List of Questions

After discussing your potential claim, you’re going to get the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about proceeding with the firm’s help. To ensure they address all your concerns, write down your questions in advance, and bring the list to your meeting.

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