Hurt in a Car Accident? Avoid These 4 Common Errors

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After a serious wreck, your emotions will likely be running high. Left to grapple with excruciating pain, life-altering limitations, and a litany of financially devastating costs, it can be difficult to stay composed. However, it’s important to take a deep breath and consider every action carefully. The insurer is likely looking for any reason to reduce your financial award or deny your claim, so any mistakes you make could be leveraged to dispute liability and damages.

In this article, we look at a few common errors and how to avoid them:

1. Posting about the Accident on Social Media

A wreck can be incredibly traumatic, so it’s only natural if you want to turn to friends and family for emotional support. While a conversation over coffee or at the dinner table can be a safe way to vent your frustrations, a social media tell-all could sink your claim overnight.

It’s possible that the insurer might monitor your online activity on sites such as Facebook and Twitter for evidence that could be used to challenge your credibility. As such, your posts, comments, reviews, “check ins”, or even pictures could become ammunition to dispute your case in the hands of a claims adjuster. In most cases, it’s best to deactivate your accounts for the duration of proceedings.

2. Deviating from Your Treatment Plan

Once you’ve undergone a comprehensive medical assessment, you will need to make sure that you follow your doctor’s orders carefully. Any signs that you went off script could result in disputes. For instance, if you returned to work despite your healthcare providers instructing you to take time off to rest, the insurance company might assert that your actions aggravated your injuries leading to further damages. In such situations, your financial award could be reduced.

3. Failing to Track Your Damages

In a personal injury case, you can only recover compensation for losses you can prove. As such, if you don’t have the relevant receipts, invoices, or bills to demonstrate some of your damages, it’s possible you won’t be reimbursed for such expenses. You should gather and compile any financial documents in a safe place to share with your attorney during the initial consultation.

4. Rushing Into Settlement Negotiations

Until you have a clear idea of the full extent of your losses, you should not agree to a settlement offer. Chances are that the insurance company’s first offer will fall short of covering many of your damages. Accepting this amount could leave you on the hook for some of your expenses. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help you estimate the value of your losses, consulting with expert witnesses if necessary to ensure that you receive fair compensation.

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