Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident? 4 Steps to Take Right Away

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If you’re an avid motorcyclist, you already know Michigan’s landscapes, locales, and lanes are best experienced in the saddle. However, biking in the state can often be a harrowing experience, with reckless, speeding, and drunk motorists around almost every corner.

While most riders know the risks of the open road, few are prepared for the moment disaster strikes. In an instant, victims can suffer serious injuries, incurring thousands of dollars in medical expenses and other losses. If you’ve found yourself in this dire situation, it’s only natural to feel completely overwhelmed.

However, don’t worry; in this article we’ve listed a few simple steps you should take in the immediate aftermath that will not only help you recover from injuries but hopefully also make it easier for you to recover compensation for your damages.

1. Seek Medical Treatment

With little to no protection against crash forces, you’re at great risk of suffering serious impact injuries in a wreck. However, while conditions such as brain trauma, internal bruising, and damage to the spine can be debilitating, they may not present with particularly severe symptoms in the beginning.

As such, even if you were able to walk away from the wreck, you should still visit the doctor as soon as possible. Taking this step will ensure you receive the healthcare interventions you need to start recovering. Additionally, a prompt diagnosis could also help you avoid disputes during proceedings, such as those over failure to mitigate damages.

2. Document the Accident Scene

If you’re filing a third-party claim, it’s important to have sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the other party was at fault for causing the accident. Without the necessary proof to corroborate your version of events, opposing parties could challenge aspects of your case, potentially denying you compensation. As such, you should gather proof at the accident scene before it is removed, altered, or destroyed.

Useful evidence could include:

  • Pictures of the wreck, your injuries, and other elements of the scene;
  • Eyewitness names, contact details, and statements;
  • Surveillance camera or dashcam footage;
  • The official police accident report; and
  • Personal property such as your helmet, bike, and belongings.

3. Report the Wreck

In Michigan, drivers are required to report any accident that leads to death, injury, or property damage of $1,000 or more. Not only is this a legal obligation, but taking this step will also ensure that you have written records of the time, date, and location of the wreck. Additionally, you should also report the accident to your insurer as most providers have strict deadlines for logging collisions.

4. Track Your Damages Carefully

From invoices for the care you’ve received to letters from your employer documenting missed wages, you should compile any relevant documentation in a safe place. It’s likely your attorney will use such proof to demonstrate your damages.

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