Hurt in a Wreck? 5 Phrases You Should Never Say to the Insurance Adjuster

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Car accident victims often underestimate the weight that even the briefest interaction with the insurance adjuster can hold. As long as they present sufficient evidence of liability and losses, they assume their claim will be processed in good faith.

Unfortunately, while every claim that yields a payout is supported by plenty of proof, not every claim that’s supported by proof yields a payout. In other words, putting together a strong case isn’t enough to secure the compensation you deserve. You’re also going to have to approach each exchange with the opposing party strategically because the outcome of your claim ultimately hinges on the insurance adjuster’s assessment.

Thankfully, a knowledgeable car accident attorney will know exactly what to say to give your case the best chance of success. As for what not to say, make sure to avoid the following:

1. “I’m sorry.”

Apologizing may seem innocuous enough, but it could be considered an admission of guilt. If you tend to say sorry in stressful scenarios out of habit, make an active effort not to do so when discussing the collision with any member of the opposing party.

2. “I’m okay.”

“I’m okay,” is another seemingly innocuous phrase that could be misconstrued and ultimately used against you. It’s not your job to reassure the insurance adjuster, so try not to say anything that might inadvertently minimize the damages you’ve incurred.

3. “They came out of nowhere.”

Even if it felt like the vehicle that struck you did, in fact, come out of nowhere, this phrase implies that you weren’t paying attention. In other words, saying it could cast doubt on your blamelessness by supporting the assumption that you were driving while distracted.

4. “I think…”

Do not share any information with the opposing party unless you’re certain it’s accurate, and even then, be judicious about what you do share. Guessing as to the facts of the case or disclosing unnecessary details could hurt your credibility down the road.

5. “My doctor said…”

While you’re going to have to discuss your condition at some point, your legal team will want you to do so in a controlled environment. Generally speaking, it’s unwise to talk about your injuries in any kind of unofficial capacity with the insurance adjuster, especially if your attorney is not present. What’s more, when comes time to discuss them in an official manner, your lawyer will likely let relevant specialists do most of the talking.

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