Important Evidence in Motorcycle Accident Claims

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If you were recently hurt in a motorcycle accident, you have enough to worry about without having to investigate the cause of crash. Should you intend to take action against the at-fault party, though, you’re eventually going to have to prove both liability and losses, which demands all kinds of evidence.

Thankfully, a resourceful personal injury attorney can help. As long as you turn to a reputable firm, your legal team will handle virtually every aspect of the investigation on your behalf.

Let’s take a look at the kinds of evidence they’ll attempt to gather so you can pursue every dollar you deserve:

1. Video Footage

If you happen to have a helmet camera—or any of the vehicles that were in the vicinity at the time of the accident were equipped with dash cams—there’s a good chance the collision was captured on video. Since such footage may be overwritten in a matter of weeks, though, it’s imperative to compile copies as soon as possible.

It’s worth noting that the incident may have also been captured by surveillance cameras near the scene. As such, your lawyer will likely reach out to businesses in the area, as well, to see if they have any valuable footage.

2. Eyewitness Testimony

Statements from those who saw the wreck can help piece together what might have happened. While eyewitness testimony isn’t considered 100 percent reliable, it could at least corroborate your own side of the story, bolstering your credibility in the process.

3. Official Reports

Officers who responded to the scene should have written up a police report. This document might include details that can help your legal team determine what happened. Confessions obtained at the scene and the results of any toxicology reports that were later conducted could also contribute to your claim.

4. Statements from Accident Reconstruction Experts

If you managed to photograph the wreckage, your attorney will probably give the images to a firm that specializes in reconstructing accidents. Based on the location of the debris—and any telling elements like skid marks—highly trained experts can determine what happened in the seconds leading up to the crash.

5. Cell Phone Records

If the motorist who struck you was texting at the time, their cell phone records should reveal as much. Since the carrier is unlikely to release these documents to an unauthorized party, though, your lawyer may have to file a subpoena in order to secure them.

6. Medical Records

Your medical records will serve as the foundation of your damages claim. Hospital logs, diagnostic images, and other relevant documents will illustrate the extent of your injuries and, subsequently, your losses.

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