Litigation Manager

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Janel Savaya has always had a passion for helping others. Janel attended Oakland Community College where she received her degree in Paralegal Studies in 2011. Shortly after, she began working in the legal field. Janel has over 10 years of experience and knowledge working in Civil Litigation, criminal and traffic law, corporate transactional work, and Michigan No-Fault Litigation.

Janel is hard working, dedicated, and has a keen sense for organization. She is committed to providing excellence both in and out of the workplace and loves what she does. Janel joined the Seva Law Firm in July 2016 with a primary focus is No-Fault and Bodily Injury Litigation. She is the Litigation Manager at the Seva Law Firm, and in that role, she not only handles a full docket of cases, but also trains and teaches other paralegals on how to handle their own dockets. On a given day, Janel will manage the firm’s calendar and docket, resolve most motions for the entire firm, and communicate with clients and defense attorneys. In addition, she manages all appeals, reviews court transcripts, and prepares all appellate court filings. Janel also handles all paralegal assistance for our trials.

Janel is also a leader in the MAJ paralegal association and is active in many other paralegal associations. She has hosted lectures at paralegal seminars. Janel is on the advisory board for the Macomb Community College Paralegal Program as well as the vice chair for the OCBA paralegal committee.