We are honored to announce that the Michigan Association of Justice chose to feature Pratheep as its current “Pacesetter.”

Here is an excerpt from the MAJ’s article on Pratheep:

“Troy attorney Pratheep Sevanthinathan didn’t always want to be an attorney. “Growing up in the South Asian/Indian community in Michigan, it just wasn’t an option. In my community there is a lot of pressure to become a doctor or engineer. In the ‘80s there were no Indian lawyers that I knew of, and so I never even thought about being a lawyer. I got a degree in chemical engineering without really knowing I had much of a choice. I knew that I really didn’t want to be a chemical engineer and be isolated in a lab all day, but I went through with the degree anyway. Luckily, in college, I became more socially and politically aware, and was exposed to the idea of being able to make a bigger impact as a lawyer. Thus, I began investigating the legal field, and realized that lawyers do so much more than what is shown on TV. I ended up clerking with an MAJ member right after undergrad. I loved working for the law firm and then decided that I wanted to be a laywer.”