Seva Law Firm Success: Samer Bahnam v Farm Bureau General Insurance Company of Michigan

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In SAMER BAHNAM V FARM BUREAU GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF MICHIGAN, Docket No. 347638 we successfully argued the application of the new Haydaw decision to secure a reversal of an unfairly dismissed case based on weak allegations of fraud.  Our client made innocuous statements that were inconsistent with surveillance that resulted in the insurance company seeking summary disposition of the case.

The lower court dismissed our client’s case and over $300,000 in medical bills.  Our client’s doctors, nurses, and therapists were left without payment after months of hard work and expenditure to help our client.  The lower court’s decision was completely unfair and unjust.  However, the decision, at the time, followed the law.

Since the Haydaw ruling was published earlier this year, the unfair law has been corrected and a path was paved to save our case.  We are pleased that the Court of Appeals applied Haydaw to reverse the lower court.  Most of all, we are elated that justice was served for our client.