Soak up the Sun and the Sights at Elks Park in Royal Oak, Michigan

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Elks Park is a scenic space that breaks up urban housing and buildings from its snug, sunlit spot in Royal Oak, Michigan. The park lives up to the name of the neighborhood with amenities and entertainment fit for a king.

Featuring two tennis courts; a pair of sand-covered volleyball courts; a basketball court with sturdy, chain nets; a baseball diamond; and two different play areas for kids, this is a great place to have some fun and stay active. The green fields stretch over more than four and a half acres, making it a great place for biking or letting your dogs get some much-needed time outdoors.

All these facilities are nestled between soft greenery and peaceful pools of water that snake under picturesque bridges and invite birds such as ducks and geese to congregate around its little lake. This along with groves of trees that have popped up to encircle and decorate the open green areas, make Elks Park a tranquil picnic spot where you can breathe in some fresh air.

Well-maintained and comfortable, start your morning with a brisk walk to wake up before you hit the town, wind down at the end of a long workday by relaxing here with friends and family, or grab some alone time in nature to clear your head. There are a range of places to visit and things to do nearby the park, too. For example, you could play golf at the nearby Rotary Oak, sink skittles at the Bowlero bowling alley just two blocks away, or work up a sweat at the New Species CrossFit gym down the road.

The atmosphere of Elks Park is serene, restorative and strengthening, and a key reason for this is the streams and ponds you’ll find scattered throughout this beautiful green space. Research has shown that living—or simply being—near water could help improve your mental and physical well-being.

One study found that not only does time near water promote physical activity, but it could also help improve your mood and stave off psychological disorders. Another study revealed that time out in nature could help lower your stress hormone levels and heart rate. Further research has discovered that regular exposure to a natural environment could also spark creativity, improve concentration, and alleviate anxiety.

Where Do I Find It?

Elks Park is situated along 2100 Normand Rd, Royal Oak, Michigan.

For more information about the park click HERE.