Do’s and Don’ts for Taking Action after a Bicycle Accident

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Getting struck by a negligent motorist is every cyclist’s biggest fear; but what happens when this ever-present threat turns into a painful reality? With little protection against crash forces, victims often suffer catastrophic injuries. Not only can such conditions be expensive to treat, but they can also make it impossible to work, take care of the household, or enjoy your hobbies for weeks after the wreck.

Thankfully, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries by filing a first- or third-party claim. However, the claims process isn’t just a simple transaction; it’s likely that you will have to take many different steps in your journey towards securing a settlement.

In this article, we look at a few actions you should—and shouldn’t—take in the wake of a bicycle accident:

Do Take Photographs of the Accident Scene

If you were able to return to the accident scene after receiving treatment, you should use your smartphone to take pictures and preserve important evidence such as road markings, debris, property damage, street signs, and other elements that might help you prove liability. Additionally, if someone else saw the accident happen, their account could assist you in identifying the liable parties. As such, you should take down the names and contact details of any eyewitnesses.

Finally, if you noticed surveillance cameras near the area where the accident happened, or someone captured footage of the moment of impact on their vehicle’s dashcam, you should take steps to obtain this footage as it could help strengthen your case.

Don’t Provide a Recorded Statement

If the insurance company contacts you before you’ve had an opportunity to investigate the wreck and assess your damages, you shouldn’t agree to give them a recorded statement. Anything you say during this “taped” interview could later be used as evidence to challenge your credibility. For instance, if you said something that later turns out to be untrue, you can be certain that the claims adjuster will leverage your statements to dispute your case.

Do Visit the Doctor within a Reasonable Timeframe

After a bicycle accident, your health should be your number one priority. While you might feel fine, it’s rare for cyclists to survive collisions unscathed. Adrenaline could be masking the signs of a serious condition, or your injuries might take a few hours or days to manifest symptoms.

Visiting the doctor will ensure that any health complications don’t go unchecked and that you receive treatment without delay. Taking this step could also help show the insurance company that you took your recovery seriously from day one.

Don’t Ignore Your Doctor’s Orders

While you might believe your healthcare providers are being overly cautious, if you’re planning to file for damages, you should treat their word as law. Any signs that you deviated from your treatment plan could be weaponized to challenge your credibility. For instance, the insurer might argue that your negligent actions caused your condition to worsen, leaving you on the hook for some of your losses.

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