What Damages Might Be Recoverable after a Truck Accident?

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Dwarfing other vehicles on the road, 18-wheelers are among the country’s largest road users. While their immense scale is necessary to shift tons of cargo from state to state, these heavyweight carriers pose a serious threat in a wreck.

Accidents involving large trucks often lead to catastrophic injuries and untold property damage. As such, if you were hurt in a collision with one of these giant road users, your costs are probably adding up at a rapid rate.

Thankfully, many of your damages may be recoverable. Your personal injury claim can account for a wide range of losses, such as:

1. Medical Bills

A particularly severe injury can cost a small fortune to treat, with lab tests, procedures, hospital stays, and doctor’s visits tallying up to a considerable sum. However, even minor injuries can result in exorbitant bills. Typically, the Personal Injury Protection component of your no-fault auto insurance will pay out for many of the medical expenses you’ve incurred because of the wreck. Keep in mind that such coverage will provide compensation even if you were responsible for causing the accident.

2. Lost Income

Your injuries might have prevented you from returning to work, depriving you of a considerable sum in wages. However, these missed paychecks aren’t lost forever. Injury victims in Detroit can file a first-party insurance claim to recover compensation for any earnings lost as the direct result of an accident. Additionally, if your injuries are likely to impact your income earning potential in the future, you may be able to build a case for future lost wages.

3. Replacement Services

Were you unable to take care of the household while recovering from your injuries? Chances are you probably had to find someone to handle these duties on your behalf. Whether it’s hiring someone to oversee meal prep or paying for alternative transportation, such replacement services can put immense strain on your finances. Thankfully, you may be able to recover compensation for such expenses—provided that you can prove you were unable to tackle these tasks by yourself.

4. Pain and Suffering

A serious injury can lead to immense pain and suffering, turning the days after the accident into an agonizing experience. While you won’t receive compensation for non-economic damages through your own coverage, you can seek a payout for such losses by filing a third-party claim against the at-fault party or parties. To do so, you will have to show that your injury meets the state’s threshold for taking legal action and provide proof of the various ways in which your injuries have affected your psychological well-being.

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