What Kinds of Expert Witnesses Does My Personal Injury Case Need?  

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courtroomMany successful personal injury claims include deposition from various experts. Whereas eyewitnesses can state what happened, expert witnesses can explain technical aspects of a case such as why an accident occurred, the cost of future medical care, and the long-term impacts of the injuries.

In other words, if you were hurt through no fault of your own, it’s wise to consult an attorney who has access to a vast network of well-credentialed experts in a broad range of fields. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, depositions from different professionals could play a critical role in proving both liability and damages.

Read on to learn about the kinds of experts that most often contribute to personal injury claims:

1. Medical Experts

Medicine is an incredibly broad field with dozens of specialties. In addition to deposing your primary care provider, your lawyer will likely consult several other medical experts, who can speak on your prognosis, any ongoing treatments, and the ways in which your injuries will affect your quality of life. Such experts might include occupational therapists, psychologists, and neurologists. 

2. Accident Reconstruction Experts

If you were hurt in some kind of motor-vehicle collision, like a large truck crash, your legal team may seek help from accident reconstruction experts. These professionals can usually determine what happened in the moments leading up to a wreck by reviewing photographs of the scene. They can also create visual representations of the incident to convince a judge or jury of liability. 

3. Vocational Experts

If you were unable to work while recovering from your injuries, a vocational expert can speak on how your condition would’ve hindered your job performance. This will allow you to include lost wages in the settlement negotiations. And if you’re unable to return to the workforce at all, a vocational expert can evaluate your most likely career trajectory so you can seek compensation for lost earning capacity, as well. 

4. Financial Experts

Financial experts can help calculate the extent of your economic damages. Their testimony is especially valuable in cases that involve permanent disabilities. If you’ll be incurring a lifetime of lost wages and medical bills, for example, you’ll want guidance from seasoned economists, who will ensure you take factors like inflation into account.

How Can I Find Expert Witnesses?

The easiest way to find reputable professionals who can contribute to your claim is by hiring a resourceful personal injury attorney. A lawyer who’s been practicing for a while should have an established network of experts whom he or she can consult on behalf of clients. To ensure you’ll be in good hands, inquire about this network during your initial consultation.

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