What Kinds of Questions Will a Truck Accident Attorney Ask?

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If you’ve scheduled a consultation with a personal injury attorney, you may be wondering what to expect during this meeting. While your lawyer will take time to answer your questions and discuss potential outcomes for your case, he or she will also ask you many of their own questions to help determine how you were injured and what damages might be available in your situation.

Let’s look at some of the types of questions a truck accident attorney might ask you during the initial consultation:

1. Were There Any Eyewitnesses?

While eyewitness statements aren’t irrefutable evidence, another person’s account could help corroborate your version of events. As such, if there were any onlookers, you should write down their names, contact details, and brief statements of what they saw. Your attorney may want to reach out to these eyewitnesses to determine whether their deposition could help you prove liability.

2. Did You Visit the Doctor?

After an accident, regardless of the severity of your injuries, you should seek medical treatment immediately. A prompt diagnosis won’t only help ensure that any potential health issues are addressed but visiting the doctor could also help you mitigate disputes over liability, causation, and failure to mitigate damages. For instance, if you waited too long to seek treatment after the wreck, the insurer might argue that you suffered your injuries in a different incident as the date of your diagnosis doesn’t correlate with the day of the accident.

3. Are You Still Active on Social Media?

As the world has begun to embrace a more digital way of life, the way insurers investigate claims has changed, too. No longer are claims adjusters’ fact-finding missions restricted to the real world but could also extend to social media. As such, anything you post could be used as evidence to challenge liability and damages. For instance, if you discussed the accident or your injuries, your comments could be misrepresented or taken out of context to challenge your credibility.

4. Do You Have a Personal Injury Journal?

The road to recovery can be long, challenging, and incredibly painful. At times, one day can blur into the next, making it difficult for you to remember some of the complications and issues you encountered along the way. Logging details about your recovery in a personal injury journal can help preserve this information, making it easier to prove certain damages.

For instance, if your injuries prevented you from tackling tasks around the home, your entries describing how and why this is the case could play a crucial part in recovering compensation for intangible losses such as loss of enjoyment in life. Additionally, you should note your pain levels, grading these sensations on a scale from 1 to 10.

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