What to Ask during Your First Meeting with a Car Accident Lawyer

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Meeting with a car accident attorney can give you guidance, direction, and clarity in the wake of a serious wreck. However, as this is probably the first time you’ve booked a consultation with a personal injury lawyer, you may be wondering what you should ask them to make the most of this opportunity.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of helpful questions that will not only help give you the answers you need to make informed decisions about your case, but also gauge the quality of representation a particular attorney provides.

1. Have You Handled Cases Similar to Mine?

Personal injury is a vast area of the law, with anything from dog bites to slip and falls to truck wrecks falling under its umbrella. Many personal injury lawyers devote their careers to specific types of cases to help develop an in-depth understanding of such claims.

As such, while a certain attorney might have a track record of success overseeing premises liability claims, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you achieve a successful outcome in yours. Ultimately, a car accident claim will usually require a completely different approach to others in this area of the law, so it may be in your best interests to find someone with experience with such cases.

2. What Mistakes Should I Avoid While My Claim Is Pending?

While it may seem clear that the other party/parties involved in the wreck are entirely responsible for causing the collision, you could still be held liable for some of your damages if you aren’t careful. There are many types of errors that could bring your credibility into question, leaving you on the hook for some of your expenses.

For instance, deviating from your treatment plan could give the insurer room to assert that your negligence exacerbated your injuries. Alternatively, if you posted about the accident on social media, your comments could be used to dispute aspects of your case. Thankfully, a skilled personal injury lawyer can advise you on common errors and how to avoid them, helping you sidestep hurdles throughout proceedings.

3. How Long Will My Claim Take?

Not only will this question give you insight into how your claim might unfold, but it’s a good way to gauge an attorney’s honesty. As it’s impossible to plot out the exact timeline of a case, you should be wary of any lawyer who promises a specific outcome. Car accident claims can take anywhere from a couple weeks (if it’s a first-party claim) to several months—or even years—to resolve.

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