What to Look for in a Dog Bite Attorney

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In the wake of an animal attack, it can be difficult to find your bearings. Burdened with unanticipated medical costs and grappling with painful injuries, it can feel like you don’t have the mental space to start thinking about your personal injury claim.

This is where an attorney can step in to handle the logistics of your case so that you can focus on your recovery. A lawyer can not only help you build a convincing claim, but can also provide guidance and support during this challenging chapter of your life.

However, what should you be looking for in an attorney? And what separates a good lawyer from a great one? In this article, we share a few qualities that could help narrow down your search:

Relevant Experience

Even though an attorney might have comprehensive experience handling personal injury claims, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have a background representing animal attack victims. Personal injury is a vast area of the law encompassing everything from slip and falls to car wrecks. As a result, many personal injury lawyers have never handled a dog bite claim before.

While this doesn’t mean you need to find someone who focuses solely on claims like yours, you should search for an attorney with at least some experience—and success—handling similar cases. During the initial consultation, ask your lawyer about the types of cases they’ve overseen in the past and whether they’ve taken such claims to court and won.

Personalized Approach

Every claim is unique, so an attorney needs to be willing to conduct an in-depth investigation and develop a strategy tailored to the unique circumstances surrounding the incident. Unfortunately, some lawyers might not have the resources and time available to give your case the attention it deserves.

To gain insight into the type of representation an attorney provides, it can be useful to browse through reviews and testimonials from past clients. You should also ask your lawyer how he or she plans to approach your claim, and the types of expert witnesses he or she intends to contact.


While lawyers are supposed to practice with integrity, there are some who don’t adopt an honest approach. These types of attorneys may gloss over weak links in your case and make promises that are impossible to keep. The result: You’ll be left blindsided by disputes and other issues that arise during proceedings. An honest attorney will not only be open about your case’s strengths and weaknesses, but will also be transparent about their fee structure and the other costs involved in filing your claim.

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