Who Can I Sue after an Animal Attack in Detroit?

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When dogs turn deadly the consequences can be devastating. Victims of animal attacks often suffer serious injuries such as scarring, permanent disfigurement, and even loss of limbs. Thankfully, you will have an opportunity to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for the damages you’ve incurred.

In Detroit, pet owners are held strictly liable for any harm their pets cause. Simply put, unless you were trespassing or you provoked the animal, you will usually be entitled to a financial award for your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses stemming from the attack.

However, while it might seem obvious that you didn’t incite the attack, the dog’s owner may still try to argue that you were at fault. For instance, they might assert that you were trespassing on private property when the attack occurred. As such, it’s important to gather evidence to mitigate such disputes during proceedings.

Let’s look at a few types of proof that might help support your case:

Surveillance Camera Footage

Whether the attack happened in a public place—such as a street or park—or at a business, it’s possible that surveillance cameras recorded the moment you were bitten. Such videos can be incredibly useful in showing that the incident was entirely unprovoked. Additionally, someone may have captured footage of the attack on their vehicle’s dashcam or taken a video using their smartphone. You should try to get hold of these files as soon as possible as some—such as surveillance camera recordings—are routinely erased.

Photographs of the Dog That Bit You

Making sure to snap photos of the dog that attacked you will make it easier for an attorney to identify the animal and its owner. You should also take pictures of your injuries as these snapshots might help tie your condition to the incident. It may benefit your case to document other aspects of the scene—such as the area where you were attacked—as these images could show that you weren’t trespassing when you were attacked.

Eyewitness Statements

Anyone who saw the attack happen may be able to provide information that corroborates your version of events. As such, you should take down their names and contact details to share with your attorney.

Official Reports

Whether you contacted a local animal control agency or the police, these individuals likely compiled official reports on the attack. The information in these documents will not only help guide your attorney’s investigation but could also help support certain aspects of your claim. For instance, if the dog’s owner insists you entered their property unlawfully when the attack occurred, details included in these reports could help disprove their assertions.

Discuss Your Case with a Dog Bite Attorney in Detroit

If you were left seriously injured after an animal attack, it may be wise to reach out to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can help investigate the incident, gather the necessary evidence to support your claim and formulate strategies to help you recover compensation for your losses.

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