Who Is Liable for Slips and Falls at Apartment Complexes?

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Whether strolling through the common area of your own apartment complex or visiting a friend at his or her residence, it’s reasonable to assume the premises are free of hazards. You shouldn’t have to worry about discreet thresholds, for example, or wet floors, broken steps, or loose railings.

Unfortunately, as many accident victims have learned the hard way, you can’t always assume an apartment complex is well maintained. Thankfully, those who do end up getting hurt are usually entitled to compensation for the associated damages. In order to recover a payout, though, they must identify who was to blame.

If you slipped and fell at an apartment building, there are several parties that could be liable. The ones whom you ultimately take action against will depend on the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Let’s take a look at some of the most likely parties who may be responsible for a slip and fall at an apartment complex:

1. The Property Owner

Landlords have a legal obligation to maintain their properties to a reasonably safe. In addition to performing essential upkeep in the common areas, they must respond promptly to all repair requests from their tenants. Should they fail to do either, they could be financially liable for any injuries that result. 

2. The Property Manager

If the owner relies on a third party to manage the apartment complex, that party may be responsible for accidents that could’ve been prevented had they performed their duties. As long as the owner delegates all maintenance tasks to the property manager, the latter must address hazards that arise in a timely manner. 

3. The Maintenance Contractor

If the maintenance contractor whom the owner or property manager hired to perform work on the premises failed to complete one or more projects adequately, they could be deemed liable for any accidents that happen as a result of their shoddy craftsmanship. Thankfully, as long as they’re a reputable company, they should have the insurance needed to cover the damages. 

4. A Tenant

There are some scenarios in which a tenant can be held personally responsible for a slip and fall at his or her apartment complex. Renters shouldn’t leave trash, groceries, or other obstructions in common areas, for example.

Likewise, they should report any hazards in their own units as soon as they notice them. Since tenants are entitled to their privacy in their individual apartments, they cannot expect their landlord or property manager to fix any issues unless they report them. 

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