Who Might Be Liable for My Dog Bite Injuries?

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If you were attacked by an animal, you’re probably still recovering from the shock of this unexpected assault. Dogs will often pounce without warning, using their sharp teeth to cause serious harm. It should come as no surprise that victims often suffer devastating injuries and experience significant psychological trauma in the aftermath.

While there are likely several questions running through your mind, there is one that stands out from the rest: Who is liable for the damages you’ve suffered? In Detroit, dog owners are held strictly liable for any harm caused by their pets. As such, they could still be on the hook for your damages even if their dog doesn’t have a history of violent behavior.

However, the owner may attempt to dispute your version of events, arguing that you provoked the attack or that you were trespassing on someone else’s property when you were bitten. As such, you should gather compelling evidence to support your claim so that it isn’t derailed by such defenses.

Let’s look at three types of evidence that may help strengthen your dog bite case:

1. Medical Records

Dog bites can easily become infected, so even if your wounds are just surface level, you should still seek treatment as soon as possible. Visiting the doctor will not only ensure that you receive the necessary care, but will also arm you with access to up-to-date medical records detailing the nature of your injuries and the interventions you require. Provided that you underwent a comprehensive medical assessment within a reasonable timeframe after you were bitten, such records could also help tie your injuries to the attack.

2. Photographs

If you were able to return to the scene after receiving treatment, you should take pictures of the area where you were attacked. Additionally, if you’ve managed to identify the dog that bit you, photographs of this animal could help your attorney track down the liable party. However, it may be wise to find the owner yourself so that you have records of their name and contact details. Additionally, you should take pictures of your injuries immediately after the attack as these snapshots could help demonstrate the severity of your wounds and help connect them to the incident in question

3. Surveillance Camera Footage

If you were bitten in a public area, there’s a chance that surveillance cameras recorded videos of the moment you were attacked. These recordings could not only help you identify the dog, but also show exactly what happened on that fateful day. For instance, the videos may help you prove that you weren’t trespassing in the moments before you were bitten.

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