Detroit Auto Accidents

You shouldn’t be treated any different just because you were in an accident in Detroit.

Detroit Car Accidents

Detroit Auto Accident

Auto Insurance is very expensive in Detroit

Motor vehicle accidents in Detroit, MI are complicated, to say the least. The city of Detroit has the single highest auto insurance rates in the nation.  The city of Detroit also has the largest percentage of residents living in poverty.  Not surprisingly, this has resulted in a vast majority of Detroiters being uninsured. 

Amendments to the No-Fault Act made in June of 2019 were supposed to curb the historically high auto insurance rates.  However, it has yet to be seen whether these changes will result in actual savings for Detroit residents.  For now, if you are involved in an accident in the city of Detroit there is a good chance that the other driver did not have car insurance.  

What happens if the person who hit me did not have insurance?

As long as you have insurance on your car in Michigan, you will covered for PIP benefits. That is the case even if you were negligently struck by a driver who did not have insurance.  The No-Fault Act expressly contemplates this situation and ensures that everyone involved in a motor vehicle accident can have their medical bills, lost wages, and household help paid.  (The exception is if you are driving your own uninsured vehicle).   Accordingly, you will still be able to file for and claim PIP benefits even if the driver that hit you did not have insurance.  For more on bodily injury and No-Fault benefits, check out our claims overview section

Further, if you purchased uninsured motorist coverage with your No-Fault policy you will also be able to pursue a bodily injury/tort claim as well.  Bodily injury claims are for non-economic damages and is typically where most of your in-pocket compensation comes from after an accident.  Most No-Fault policies are sold with uninsured motorist coverage included, and you can only remove this coverage by requesting the same.  For more on bodily injury claims check out our Bodily Injury section.

Detroit Auto Accident Courts

The Wayne County Circuit Court (“WCCC”) is the primary venue for most auto accident cases.  Unfortunately, WCCC is inundated with auto accident cases.  This can cause delays in the resolution of your case.  Further, the WCCC system is generally unsympathetic to these cases and the injured victims that come through.  This is not because the judges and juries are callous or uncaring, but rather there are just too many cases coming through these courts and the judges/juries tend to be numb to many of the issues presented.  

Detroit Car Accident Attorneys

The Seva Law Firm has been successfully litigating car and trucking accident cases in Detroit for several decades.  We have favorably resolved and won thousands of accident cases in Detroit and Wayne County.  Tens of millions of dollars have been collected for our clients.  Many of our results are highlighted in our news section.  If you would like to win your Detroit car accident case, please call us at 248-385-5704, or contact us here.